Martin Finney OO/EM/P4 LSWR T9 4-4-0 - Narrow Series w/LSWR 4000g Tender Kit

Martin Finney OO/EM/P4 SWR T9 - Narrow Series w/LSWR 4000g Tender Kit

Our reference: CRW721-411x2

Model condition

As-new - un-started with paperwork and instructions.

Additional extras included:

6 x G4842 Alan Gibson Bogie/Tender Wheels - For loco and tender

2 x G4878 Alan Gibson Driving Wheels

1 x 4M42B Set of 6 Crankpins

Motor and gears required.

Box condition

Near mint - labels slightly peeling

Sale Includes

The kits will be supplied in original packaging with paperwork/instructions 

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