Clark Railworks Finescale OO Gauge C1001Z WD 2-10-0 Austerity, Longmoor Military Railway Blue ‘600’ ‘Gordon’ Era 3-4 Preserved (pre-order)


Clark Railworks Finescale OO Gauge C1001Z WD 2-10-0 Austerity, Longmoor Military Railway Blue ‘600’ ‘Gordon’ Era 3-4 Preserved (pre-order)

Our reference: C1001Z

Specific Locomotive History

‘Gordon’ was built for the Ministry of Supply in December 1943 and delivered as number ‘365’, renumbered as ‘73651’ with works number 25431.  ‘73651’ was the only WD 2-10-0 which stayed on the UK mainland throughout the conflict of WW2. Once the war had ended ‘73651’ was used by the Royal Engineers at the Longmoor Military Railway for training.  It was renumbered as ‘600’ and named ‘Gordon’ in honour of the Royal Engineers most famous General, Charles Gordon. 

By the 1960s ‘600’ was the last operational steam locomotive at the LMR and was used for many enthusiast special workings as well as a mainline run between Woking and Liss on 30/04/1966. Once the LMR was officially being shut ‘Gordon’ was rehomed on the Severn Valley Railway where it is part of the home fleet. ‘600’ is currently on display in the Engine House at Highley awaiting a major overhaul.


We would like to say thank you for the support and assistance the Severn Valley Railway have provided us in recreating this loved engine

History, Info & Updates

We've made a handy blog post for this project which will give you a little bite-size history, info & continuous updates on the project. To view the WD 2-10-0 Austerity page, hover over 'WD Austerity 2-10-0' on the top menu bar and click 'Find out more' - you can then click on the 'WD 2-10-0 Austerity' blog post.

DCC Ready: £295.00

DCC Sound: £395 - £425 TBC (To be Confirmed)

Release Date: Q2 2025



  • DC/DCC Ready
  • Die-cast boiler, smokebox & chassis
  • Brass & plastic constructed tender
  • Injection moulded cab & fine details
  • High quality coreless motor
  • Finely applied separate pipework
  • Separately fitted cab backhead detailing
  • Individual specific locomotive details
  • Separate fire irons included
  • Fully detailed wheels & axles
  • Working sprung screw link couplings
  • Sprung buffers
  • Left & right hand drive locomotives
  • Factory fitted DCC sound versions available
  • Finely detailed external and underside detailing
  • Brass bearings fitted to all axles
  • Firebox glow
  • Metal cylinder liners for smooth operation & longevity
  • Plug “N” Play Next-18 DCC easy access harness
  • Fully removable front & rear tension lock coupling