Hornby OO Rake Of 7 GWR Mk3 Coaches

Hornby OO Rake Of 7 GWR Mk3 Coaches

Our reference: CRW724-243 x 7 

Model condition


R4779B GWR Mk3 Buffet Car '40755'

R4781D GWR Mk3 TSO Coach '42129'

R4779 GWR Mk3 Buffet Car '40715'

R4779A GWR Mk3 Buffet Car '40743'

R4781 GWR Mk3 TSO Coach '42301'

R4780 GWR Mk3 TGS Coach '44040'

R4815 GWR Mk3 TF Coach '41146'

Box condition

Mint/near-mint - sun fading to a few boxes

Sale Includes

The models will be supplied in original packaging

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